Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Muscles Mcfee

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Hypothetical LAN party scenario... something like this could happen at any time.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Gamerz Scale of Greatness

As it has been stated, Diljner and I are gamerz, extreme ones at that. Therefore I have created the ultimate "geek" rating scale to go along with our intense loserness. A lot of you won't even rate high on this, if at all. The scale will go from highest to lowest, with the ultimate form of geekness on top and the lowest on bottom. I will also place where the people who are mentioned in Leafblower Blog. Alright, let the fun begin!

Uber Leet Geek aka "]_[!33!2 1337 933!<" - This is the pinticle of geek status. These are the gamerz that do nothing but talk and play [computer only] games and have the skillz to prove it. Also, the action of typing in Leet is done with astounding speed. The use of the words "pwn" and "w00t" must be done on a regular basis and usually first person shooters are this particular gamerz cup of tea. Also, they talk shit like a fucking weasel; this is important because Dilj and I do it on a regular basis. Extra Points: Play arcade gamez, i.e. KoF 2002/2003.

Those who fall under this rank: Diljner and Arrhythmia

Leet Geek aka "1337 933!<" - These are the gamerz that are very dedicated to playing [computer gamez only] and use Leet talk like the devil. They play a lot and are okay to pretty good, but aren't the best players. They play a wide variety of gamez, but first person shooters still rule their roost. Extra Points: Play arcade gamez, i.e. KoF 2002/2003.

The ones who have established Leet greatness: Mechanism [clan member], Sanction [Diljner's sister], and Chopsticks [our other clan member]

Uber Geek - These fuckers like to play games, but haven't either bothered to learn Leet or just don't care enough. They play computer games, but the majority of them like to play console gamez just as much [psh]. They are the weaker players and even though they get kills every so often, need more practice than their willing to admit.

This catagory contains players such as: StupidWhore and Leafblower [fucking console gamer, but he got to Uber Geek because he plays KoF with me and Diljner a lot]

Geek - These are the beginners, working their way up to becoming the best. [That is never going to happen because the Asian's will always be the best, no matter if you're Leet or Uber Leet....damn them]. They hang out with gamerz all the time and decided to give it a shot, but aren't as dedicated as the other types of geeks.

These poor souls: Ms. Sarcasm [recently moved up]

Nerd - These are the extremely smart people who have heard of computer gamez or have joined up with friends to "watch" them play. There is maybe slight participation in gaming by nerds [but usually not]. Alas there is hope, you are only one step from geekness and can easily accomplish the step. These people are pretty much useless when it comes to any gaming fun and are easily bored whenever the higher ups play [Ms. Sarcasm whenever Diljner, Leaf, and I play KoF].

Current residents: MexicanaBlanca

Roadie/Groupie - Coming upon the last level of geekness/nerdom we come upon the roadie/groupie. These people do minimal anything. They will watch, but unlike the nerd will never participate, ever. They might enjoy watching, but don't seem all that interested in anything pertaining to gamez. There is no chance in hell you will get them to watch you play computer gamez for several hours either, no way. The only way they will watch you is whenever you're playing console or at the arcade.

Those who are contained in this catagory: extrEMO

Alright! There you have it folks, the ultimate scale of geekness. There is no definate answer where you lie, but this will give you a good set of rules to where you stand. I am now done using my geek talk and putting a 'z' after games and using sentances like "this story is so going to pWn. w00t!" Now I'm off to play Half-Life 2... [This was written a while back, since then I've beaten the game...]

Oh yea, b0m whores :D Black 0ps Mafia will pwn j00!!

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Black 0ps Mafia - Stifling Kids Since Fall 2004

Well well...

Arrhythmia and I usually have some pretty entertaining gaming stories to tell, but I felt that they wouldn't be exactly appropriate for the Leaf-blower blog. So, I created this blog to document our Uber-Geekness. We'll give our 2-cents on games we like/don't like whether you bitches like it or not. Also, console gamers should not read any of the future sacred texts of this homage to PC gaming lest your anus needs some bruising.... cause we don't like you or your gamepads. Expect some reviews shortly because I'm currently playing World of Warcraft, and I'm just about the load up the betas for Matrix Online and Everquest 2.

Now, go read our sister-blog.... The LB Blog...